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A widely-read magazine, we help you
engage potential customers
We have a bond-of-trust with readers who regularly
use us to find local suppliers
We deliver to ABC1 homes to give you
the best ROI
We enjoy over 80% repeat business
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We first launched Pulse Magazine in April 2009, with a concentrated delivery area within Buckinghamshire the circulation was 10,000 and the idea was simple; to provide the local community with an indispensable Magazine full of relevant, local and sought-after information.

We wanted a good balance of both interesting content and advertisements from local businesses, but most importantly, the Magazine had to be useful to readers. We wanted Pulse Magazine to be at the very heart of the community it served.

Pulse Magazine Today

We currently publish two titles – MK and NN Pulse. MK Pulse is delivered throughout Buckinghamshire and NN Pulse Northamptonshire. We pride ourselves on carefully selecting the 50,000 + ABC1 areas we cover across both counties.

A vibrant lifestyle magazine and a trusted companion to those living locally, Pulse Magazine is A4 in size, full colour and printed on premium glossy paper that invites the reader and encourages retention. At home, at work and on the go, people look to Pulse Magazine when they're open to discovering what's going on in the local area. They use the Magazine to find trusted suppliers and tradesmen and since the editorial content spans the entire month, Pulse Magazine is kept and referred to time and time again.


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A Timeline of Pulse Magazine

How we have evolved
December 2008
How it all began

An Idea Forms

Ideas for Pulse Magazine began. Tired of receiving local magazines at home that didn’t quite satisfy us as readers, we decided to launch our own. After countless conversations and meetings Lunar Publishing Ltd was born.

April 2009
Our First Magazine

MK Pulse Launches

After many months of building relationships and stressing we were different, the first edition in Milton Keynes launched. Titled MK Pulse, the Magazine had an initial circulation of just 10,000 homes.

June 2011
MK Pulse Magazine

Circulation Increases

With continual feedback suggesting that more and more people were asking for copies of our magazine, we increased our circulation in Milton Keynes to 20,000.

April 2015
New Team Members

Recruitment Drive

Jan and Glen joined the Pulse Magazine team to help build advertising sales and increase awareness of the magazines in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

August 2015
MK Pulse Magazine

Another Circulation Increase

More and more feedback from our growing readers and happy advertisers results in us increasing circulation once again to a whopping 30,000 homes around the Milton Keynes area.

September 2015
Our New Magazine

NN Pulse Launches

After months of planning and lots more hard work NN Pulse Magazine launched in Northamptonshire with a circulation of 20,000