Print Mechanicals:

High res CMYK PDF, EPS, JPG or TIFF.

All images must be embedded and fonts outlined. Please note we DO NOT accept Word or Publisher files.

AD SPECIFICATIONS & MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS Artwork supplied to us in a print-ready format is deemed correct and approved for print.

If you wish to change the artwork once submitted you must contact us before the deadline date.  

In the instance where we create the artwork, you will be sent a final proof which must be checked thoroughly for errors; we will require approval of this artwork prior to print.  If you require any assistance please call:

Yvonne Norrish, STUDIO MANAGER
01908 465488 or email us.

Preferred Formats:

Single page PDF/X-1a—PDF version 1.3 (Acrobat 4); output resolution of 2400dpi; composite CYMK; high-quality JPEG or lossless Zip compression; resolution for colour and grayscale images is 300dpi; resolution for monochrome images is 1200dpi; and fonts are embedded and subsetted 100% as well as other characteristics. This format is acceptable for full or partial pages.

Trapping is the responsibility of the file provider. Further information about PDF-X1a can be found at www.ipa.org. We do not accept custom ink colours. Note: Any non-process colours are included in the file will be converted to CMYK. Conversion process may compromise the integrity of the file.

We can accept Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign provided all fonts are embedded or outlined, all images are 300 dpi and the file is CMYK.


Artwork and Specification Dimensions for Pulse Magazine

  • Full page: 210x297mm
  • DPS: 420x297mm
  • Page 3: 210x297mm
  • Inside Back: 210x297mm
  • Inside Cover: 210x297mm
  • Front Cover: 210x250
  • Back Cover:
  • Half Page (Landscape): 185x132mm
  • Half Page (Portrait): 88.5x264mm
  • Quarter Page: 88.5x132mm
  • Eighth Page: 88.5x62mm

Unacceptable File Formats:

We do not accept files in the following formats under any condition: Microsoft Publisher; any word processing software; any presentation software such as PowerPoint. Please create high-resolution PDFs from these file formats. Other file types—such as Postscript, TIFF/IT, EPS or Quark


4/C process.


Total density should not exceed 300%


Perfect bound

General Rules:

Allow minimum 3.175mm on all sides for bleed ads; Reverse type or 4/C Black text smaller than 10pt and any solid type smaller than 6pt cannot be guaranteed for perfect registration or readability; white colour objects cannot be set to overprint.


All marks (trim, bleed) should be included in all colours and must be located 6.35 mmm from trim and not to invade the live or bleed areas.