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MK February 16

MK Pulse Magazine cover January 2016
From the Editor

It is often thought that January is the month of juicing, weighing and exercising. Lots of it. But that isn’t always the case, as most of us wait for the Christmas ‘junk’ to be consumed first and start in February. So, as we unwrap our last Chocolate Orange we hurtle our way into the month of love! And more chocolate...

During an interview last month West Indies batsman Chris Gayle asked interviewer Mel McLaughlin out for a drink while live on air. There was uproar about the incident and some viewers took absolute exception at his advancement. Personally I thought it was a lovely gesture. If you are attracted to someone, why not tell them and ask them out? And 14th February gives you the perfect opportunity. Like you need an excuse! Or perhaps if you’re female seize the opportunity presented on the 29th...

Did someone mention chocolate earlier? We have a great giveaway this month as Hotel Chocolat from centre:mk is offering a Valentine’s Day Sleekster box to one lucky reader.

This month Helen Edwards visits the wonderful Woburn Abbey while John Best from Arts Gateway gives us his take on Northampton’s Cultural Quarter and explores what it offers and why he thinks it is going from strength to strength. Folk in Northampton know it well; folk in Milton Keynes know it less well but should maybe try a few visits and get to know it – it’s a fascinating place.

Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is early next month! intu have a great competition. They are offering the chance for one lucky mum to receive £200 worth of fabulous pampering goodies. Good luck!

Enjoy the month and I’ll see you all in March.

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