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MK May 2015

From the Editor

So this month you can’t escape the Elections. As I write this, I’m bombarded with political messages, whether it is in my email, on a leaflet through my door or a roadside board that wasn’t there three weeks ago. I wonder if I am just becoming more aware because of my age or if they are going that extra mile. I suspect it is the former.

The weather is forecast to hot-up quite quickly and is set to be in for the Summer (about time!), so if like me, your legs are practically translucent, then take a look at page 28. Our resident beauty expert, Gail Spooner has some great tips on how to apply a fake tan as well as some tried and tested products.

B-Town have an Elvis tribute night this month and The Calcutta Brasserie host their ever so popular Dining in The Dark, both of which are worth booking up for. We also have a competition to win a meal for four at B-Town and this is definitely worth entering - you just never know!

You may have also noticed that The Big Outdoor Show is coming to Milton Keynes on the weekend of 23rd to 25th May - this is also our second Bank Holiday of the month so you can take full advantage of what promises to be a great weekend.

Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the long weekend’s and I’ll see you all again in June.

Kerry |

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