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NN December 17

NN Pulse Magazine December17
From the Editor

It's Christmaaaaas! I can hear Noddy screaming the opening line now... Welcome to a month of festivities, family and fun.

If you're in the market for a real tree this year but don’t know which one is right for you, make sure you check out our Christmas tree guide. We have information about the species of trees available (I never know the difference!) And how to care for your tree once it's home.

Interior designer Rosie Kinsella is on hand to help us plan decorations around the house too; this month it's all about Christmas Consoles. While the team at Canons Ashby share the secrets in making your own festive wreath. My mum and I attended one of their wreath-making courses a couple of years back and it was fabulous; we learned so much and got to take our wreath home. I will definitely be giving their 'how to' guide a go. A real wreath on your door is so nice and a welcoming sight to Christmas guests.

Laura Malpas has been delving into Christmas history at Boughton Green church and recounts a comic tale from Christmas Eve over 300 years ago, where a group of local lads managed to terrify themselves and annoy the Vicar of Kingsthorpe, who recorded the tale in 1708.

Christmas in Northampton got off to a flying start last month when the town's lights were officially turned on following an afternoon of family entertainment and December promises to be jam-packed with family-friendly Christmas activities including the return of the Frost Fair, wreath-making workshops, a Victorian Christmas celebration and the new Igloo Cinema.

Coca-Cola's Christmas truck will make a stop in Northants as part of its UK-wide tour this month. Complete with almost 9,000 fairy lights and ‘Holidays are Coming’ jingle, the truck will be at Waitrose in Crown Park giving everyone a chance to make the trip to see it.

There is a Golden Ticket entry form inside which, if you complete and post in one of the 14 Golden Ticket prize draw post boxes dotted around Northampton, could see you winning one of 12 prizes of £250! That would definitely come in handy just before Christmas.

Just for fun we also have a 'hunt the elf boot' competition inside. If you spot it, you're doing better than me - I have been staring at the picture for hours and still can't see it. Good luck!

As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of our advertisers and readers for your support. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you all in January.

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