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NN December 2015

NN Pulse Magazine cover December 2015
From the Editor

Well, it’s finally here – the big C. Some of you love it and some can’t wait for it to be over. Personally, I am in the former category; I do love a good Christmas with family and friends. Although this year it is my turn to cook so perhaps less alcohol will be consumed pre-meal (…or maybe not!).

A friend from Australia recently asked me if I was prepared for the terrible Winter that we are supposedly about to endure (I think he was more jealous of the possibility of a White Christmas in the UK, while he attempted a barbecued turkey). Nevertheless, don’t we always get threats of terrible weather conditions around now? The sceptic in me thinks that it is some marketing ploy to get you to rush out and buy wellies, or salt. Or perhaps one of the big supermarkets, in the hope you will start stockpiling food?! Well, if the weather does turn bad you can always snuggle up with this, our latest edition of Pulse Magazine.

Before Christmas gets underway, make sure you turn to page 27 – every December (since we started Pulse Magazine) we have given away a luxury hamper and it is one of our most popular competitions. Prepared by our own fair hands (where we find the time I will never know!), we promise to ensure you have it in time for the big day, so turn to page 27 to enter – you have until 15th December.

We welcome back make-up expert Gail Spooner this month who introduces us to Chanel’s new range of seasonal must-haves and if you would love to master the art of gold eyes without looking like something out of a Hammer horror then make sure you read her essential ‘How To’ guide.

If you’ve never been over to Olney for the Dickens of a Christmas, I can thoroughly recommend it. This lovely little market town is literally transformed into something out of a Dickens novel and there are all sorts of quirky, unusual gifts you can source. Talking of gifts, if you love to buy local and you’re looking for something unusual, make sure you look at pages 18 and 19 for our Local Gift Guide – it’s packed full of inspiration.

This month, John Best visits Towcester and tells us about everything this beautiful town has to offer. While the 2GreedyGeezers review the newly opened restaurant there, 185 Watling Street. We have the regular car reviews as well as The Consumer Clinic from BBC Three Counties. I’d love to continue writing but I’m out of space – have a great Christmas and New Year, enjoy the read and I’ll see you all in January. Remember to keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

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