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NN March 18

Large NN Pulse March 2018 front cover
From the Editor

Spring is here and I love it. This is one of my favourite seasons, as everything begins to awaken; bulbs come into bloom and daily temperatures rise - finally I can start reduce the number of layers worn. YAY!

By the end of the month the mornings will go dark again as the clocks spring forward and we lose an hour - make sure you set your clocks on Sunday, March 25 at 1am.

Delapré Abbey flings open its doors this month with a grand opening, and I for one cannot wait. I visited the Abbey as a child when it was the Records Office and again when the construction had started and the difference is amazing. The whole team have worked so hard to rejuvenate this iconic building and you must visit. The official opening is Saturday March 17th and there will be loads of Victorian themed fun as well as five interactive storytelling zones to discover, which reveal the fascinating history of the building from its life as a nunnery, witnessing the events of the Battle of Northampton unfold, through to its heyday as a scandal-ridden Victorian country home.

And if you need a break from the events, don’t forget the Orangery is open for lunch or snacks and I highly recommend their home-made cakes with a cuppa. Delicious.

Laura Malpas visits one of Northamptonshire’s most interesting exhibits this month. Hidden away in plain sight and costs nothing to visit, it has WiFi, a great view of the town, and you are assured of the warmest of welcomes. Laura is visiting the National Leather Collection, located on the second floor in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northampton. It is probably the largest collection of leather objects in the world and well worth a visit.

Over the course of the last few years, the health of the UK honey bee population has been subject of concern. Poor weather, the loss of habitat, the destruction of bee colonies by disease and the continual uncertainty regarding the impact of pesticides have all affected the honey bee. We bring you the buzz about honey bees and tell you what to do to ensure these vital insects thrive.

Of course I can't let March pass by without mentioning the day when we recognise our mums. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mums out there, put your feet up and relax as everyone rallies around you and takes on your chores for the day [yeah, right - dream on Kerry!]

See you in April.

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