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NN October 16

NN Pulse Magazine cover Setember 2016
From the Editor

The scorching 35 degrees we experienced last month seems a distant memory and as the leaves start to turn Autumnal and a distinct 'nip' gathers in the air, we hurtle into October. Hi folks!

National Adoption Week 2016 will take place from the 17th to 23rd October and the theme is embodied by the hashtag #SupportAdoption. As in previous years, the need to find families for some of our most vulnerable children remains at the heart of this year’s event, focusing on all aspects of adoption, to demystify and clarify the adoption process, reflect the challenges of adoptive parenting, share individual stories, and invite anyone whose life or heart is touched by it to #SupportAdoption. Anyone interested in finding out more on adoption is invited to an information evening on Wednesday 19th October, from 6.15pm to 8.30pm, at Borough Hall, in Bedford (see page 13 for more details).

News from Arts Central this month focuses on the question: “What to do with the former Milton Keynes Bus Station?” They have a great idea on how to transform this once bustling building, which is now a mere shadow of its former self, into a cultural business.

We have all of the regular features inside including the Mayor’s diary, Gardening tips, News from around the county and of course the definitive guide to what’s going on in your area #WhatsOnPulse.

Enjoy yourself if you’re out and about Trick or Treating at the end of the month and if you’re a bit old for all of that shenanigans, then make sure you stock up on lots of goodies, because trust me, it’s a hell of a lot easier!

Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on social media and if you have any local events planned for the remainder of this year or into 2017 please do get in touch.

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